Divine Wrath

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The Divine Wrath was a multiversal event which ended the third age of Avo. It consists of two parts: a seven day war across the planes between the gods and the primordials which eradicated most of the life and radically altered the terrain of Avo, and the subsequent years of fighting between those beings who remained.

The Wrath fundamentally changed the multiverse, causing large-scale changes such as the Astral Flood (when the Astral Sea flooded into the space between the crystal spheres of the Material Plane) and the Echo Plane Severing (splitting the temporal connection between the Feywild and the Shadowfell). Within the Material Plane, the Wrath decimated life across the many worlds of the plane, though some parts of the plane were spared and other parts (such as Faerun) did not learn of the Wrath at all.[1] Why some worlds escaped the Wrath is unknown.

Moreover, in certain worlds, such as Avo, historical records of the time previous to the Wrath were destroyed, erasing most knowledge aside from that which carried over in oral tradition. The reason behind this is also unknown, and no one knows who did it.

The Divine Wrath ended in a stalemate of sorts, as the gods and primordials decided to ally out of necessity to destroy the Far Realm entity EOD, a task even they were unable to accomplish. Instead, they created a new Prism to bolster and protect the boundary between the multiverse and the Far Realm, making it nearly impossible for any creature to cross. Afterward, the primordials Entropy and Syntropy consumed one another to create a balance of energy, ending the leaching of life from the gods.

Following the end of the Wrath, the beings of war-torn worlds such as Avo struggled to find a new sense of society and theology, resulting in numerous wars and skirmishes which reshaped the political and national identities across the world. A dark age of over 800 years followed, where these nations spent several generations trying to survive the new landscape.

  1. It is believed that the Wrath coincided with or was part of the Time of Troubles in the sphere of Faerun; coincidentally, the gods becoming mortal at this time hid them from being the targets of primordials or titans. This seems to conflict with the concept of the Divine Essence, with the only explanation being that the avatar projections of the gods were the things turned mortal.